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ATTENTION: Effective Immediately!
We will only be accepting CASH for Kratom and CBD products.
Thank you for your acceptance and patience.
We are proud to be serving you and the community

Welcome to the online home of The Joint. Columbus, Ohio's Finest Smoking Accessories and Clothing!

Check out The Joint today. We're one of the finest smoke shops in the city!. We house one of the most amazing selections of smoking accessories and more in the city! We have pipes made of wood, glass, metal and ceramic. We also have some of the most beautiful and high quality glass and ceramic waterpipes you'll ever find. Our extensive selection of rolling papers will keep you rolling all year long. We have a great selection of tobacco and hookah tobacoo as well. Which reminds me, check out the hookahs! No one has a better selection of hookahs and hookah accessories, ever! Really, check it out now!

The Joint is located at 1186 N. High St. in the Fabulous Short North of Columbus, Ohio.
614-298-1394 Mon-Sat: 10a - 3a Sun: 12p-3a

* Due to sales and availability, not all products shown on this site may be in stock at all times.

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