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Come and check out The Garden today! Columbus' finest adult emporium!

We have an amazing selection of women's dance wear, stockings, boots & shoes, as well as corsets, lingerie and more!
We also have one of the largest selections of adult novelties and DVDs in the Midwest!
Over 10,000 titles available for rent and thousands more DVDs priced as low as $4.99!
Don't forget to check out our amazing selection of books, magazines and our enormous selection of adult toys and novelties!

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The Garden is located at 1174 N. High St. in the Fabulous Short North of Columbus, Ohio.
614-294-2869 Mon-Sat: 10a - 3a Sun: 12p-3a

* Due to sales and availability, not all products shown on this site may be in stock at all times.

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